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We believe in knowing where your food comes from, how it’s grown and who grew it!

Photo Credit: A Thousand Words Photography by Jodi Sware


Local Roots is a market garden located between High Prairie and Valleyview Alberta, with our roots deeply planted in our local community. Our produce is grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, with the goal of providing you and your family with the same fresh, healthy, locally grown goodness that we put on our own table!

Our farm was homesteaded by my husband’s grandparents and father in 1969 and will provide a home for generations to come. Since those first days, and with countless hours of work by three generations of the Simmonds family, the farm changed and evolved from a parcel of treed land to a productive cattle operation and hay land. When my husband and I moved back to his home turf in 2010, we bought land bordering his family farm and set to work. We tilled under old hay fields and planted alfalfa to help revive and nourish the soils and added a small family garden a few years ago. In the fall of 2015 the garden expanded and 2016 saw our first crops of market ready produce. We attended local farmer’s markets in High Prairie and Enilda and provided a variety of fresh produce to the new and tasty local eatery The Farm Truck. From 2017-2019 we ran our first seasons of CSA Veggie Box Subscriptions. With the birth of our first daughter in December 2019 and the start of uncertain times during the pandemic, we shifted to pop-up style sales in 2020 and took a breather in 2021 to regroup. We have now built a greenhouse to amp up production of a select few crops like tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, and we put in a LOT of garlic last fall for this season's harvest. Our goal is to focus on doing a few crops really well and in larger quantities to provide access fresh, tasty, high quality produce.

Peruse the rest of our site, or check us out on Facebook or Instagram. Thoughts on our produce? Questions? Something else you would like to see? Lettuce know! We would love to hear from you! 

We are so excited about the upcoming seasons and hope that you are too! 

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