Garlic scapes are cut before the flowers open to encourage larger bulb growth. BONUS - they are a delicious part of the garlic plant, tasting like a strong garlic chive. Scapes have a bite when raw, but mellow out considerably when cooked, so use 3x as much scape as you would clove in a cooked recipe or add them to butter for a delicious Garlic Butter!

Garlic Scapes- 4 bunches

  • Please leave a note at checkout for preferred pickup location!

    Valleyview: Tuesday July 26th between 11:30-12:30 location TBA

    Sunset House: Tuesday July 26th between 4-5pm at the school playground  

    High Prairie: Wednesday July 27th between 1-6pm at the Marigold Farmer's Market

    If you are unable to pick up on these days/times but still want to get your scape fix, please let me know and we can make other arrangements!