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Sarah Simmonds



Hi, I’m Sarah! I grew up in Vegreville, AB and spent most of my time the dirt-gardening, horseback riding, and living as much as possible outdoors. I move to Edmonton, got a master’s degree in land reclamation and met my husband at the same time! After school, we moved back to his home town of High Prairie and I have been establishing roots here since 2010. I started Pacesetter Fire & Safety in 2013 and met so many amazing people in the area.


In 2017, I sold that business to pursue my true passion, which lies in the soil and the bounty it can provide! I want to help provide local, fresh food for  our community and surrounding areas!

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Photo Credit: A Thousand Words Photography by Jodi Sware

Photo Credit: A Thousand Words Photography by Jodi Sware


Micheal Simmonds



Micheal has always had a love for the land.  He was excited to be able to share that and his community with me when we moved back to High Prairie from Edmonton in 2010. “I love the idea of developing the family farm and being able to share a piece of that with the community”.


He provides the muscle and machines necessary for soil prep, fencing and garden setup, along with help during planning, planting, weeding, logistics and huge moral support!

Kelsi Smith

Kelsi was Local Roots Gardens 1st official employee and summer student in 2018. She worked tirelessly throughout the 2018 garden season with all aspects of growing and marketing She was a weeder, harvester, washer, prepper, saleswoman, source of information for customer and an endless supply of entertainment!


The world lost a beautiful soul in September 2020 as Kelsi lost her battle with cancer, She was one of the toughest girls I've known and a true inspiration to everyone that knew her. Kelsi will always be a part of the Local Roots team. 

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Photo Credit: A Thousand Words Photography by Jodi Sware

Jim & Maxine Cartier

Jim & Maxine (or Mom & Dad!) are the reason behind my deeply rooted passion for dirt! And like parents do when their (grown) child has an idea, they jumped in head first - volunteering their time to help plant, transplant, till, design irrigation systems (and then worked in the mud), weeding, harvesting, washing, trimming, packaging and even selling during our market season. We expect nothing, but know they will be here throughout the upcoming seasons also, helping wherever they can to grow this dream!

Judy & Craig Simmonds

How would I grow a market garden with the hopes of one day helping to feed a community without the land, water and equipment that the Simmonds Family contributes to this dream? There wasn't a second's hesitation when I set up irrigation from their two huge dugout's or when I decided I needed to do a little fence remodelling and widen out an approach! This truly is a family endeavour!

Our Lovely Seedling Producer and Greatest Encouragement

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